Start dreaming. Get inspired. Start believing.


Keynote Speaker for Sales Meetings, Kick-off Events, Organizational Morale & More in New England

No matter where your organization or team is in its journey, Jeremy will help guide you along with his inspiring and motivating presentations. Jeremy will tailor his life and moving discussions to fit your specific needs. General topic areas include:

  • Hope and Healing

  • Dealing with Adversity

  • Maintaining Morale

  • Resilience and Overcoming Obstacles

  • Inspiring Greatness

  • Purpose and Passion

Jeremy proudly serves local, regional, and national clients.


“Ironheart Jeremy” Woodward


Jeremy Woodward, an IRONMAN competitor, five-time Boston Marathon finisher, 5th-degree blackbelt, and fitness coach and personal trainer, has an impressive record of wins and personal and professional achievements. But his greatest victory was coming back from a category 4 heart failure that knocked him off his feet in 2008. Today, Jeremy is using his personal journey of recovery and hope to help individuals and organizations learn how to dream, get inspired, and start believing.


About Jeremy

Some might say Jeremy is a miracle but no one can deny that he is an inspiration. After barely surviving two heart failures and corresponding open-heart surgeries, Jeremy has continued to accomplish amazing athletic feats while leaving a trail of inspiration along the way. Just three years after his last open-heart surgery, Jeremy not only finished IRONMAN Lake Placid but was one of its top fundraisers, raising $200,000 for the New Hampshire Nature Conservancy.  His appreciation for life and making a difference earned Jeremy a spot on Tedy Bruschi's Boston Marathon Team several years ago. To date, Jeremy has personally raised over $70,000 for stroke and heart disease prevention.


On a daily basis, he is the owner of Jeremy's Bootcamp with a motto of “Live Life to the Fittest.” His clients are from all walks of life and fitness abilities. Jeremy coaches and encourages everyone with the same enthusiasm and positive energy—regardless of where they may be on their fitness journey.

Jeremy has appeared in over 100 news articles and features, including Sports Illustrated Online, CNN, Taekwondo Times, and more. He was featured in the documentary, Heart: Flatline to Finish Line. Most recently, he was featured on the Amber Lilyestrom Show and on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss Podcast Created by Amanda Tress.

Clapping Audience

Virtual Motivational Speaker Sessions: Inspire Your Team Wherever They Are

Times are changing—with so many of us working in remote offices. We’re all trying to accomplish a lot in what often feels like impossible circumstances. Jeremy knows what it’s like to rise up from an impossible situation and draws upon his own personal experiences when inspiring and motivating others. Wherever your team is, Jeremy can help bring them together.

Need a Keynote Speaker for Your Event?

From sales meetings and product launches to corporate team building and fundraising events, Jeremy’s lively and heartfelt presentation will leave your audience motivated and inspired. Connect with Jeremy today to discuss your event and desired messaging.


"I met Jeremy approximately 2 years ago and he has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness. He recently spoke to a group of my associates and his story was very inspiring. He related well to the group and that we all have a journey and why not live to be the best you can be. I believe that he has overcome some major obstacles in life and shown that anyone is capable of pushing through the adversities at some point in their lives. 


My biggest take about Jeremy has been his ability to inspire others to live life to the fittest. His story and his message should inspire everyone that we all have greatness in ourselves and just need to find it. If you only get 30 minutes to listen, meet, or talk to Jeremy it will not be time wasted."

- Scott Dutton


Jeremy's Book

Check out Jeremy’s inspiring new book, The Jeremy Woodward Story: From Heart Failure to Victory, available through Amazon November, 2020.

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