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Jeremy is a heart failure survivor, IRONMAN finisher, 6x Boston Marathon finisher, Creator of the Live Life To The Fittest brand, UESCA Triathlon and UESCA Running Coach, 6th Degree Black Belt, and Personal Trainer. Fitness has always been a huge part of his life and has quite literally saved his life. 

As a husband and father of three, he has mastered how to schedule training around a busy lifestyle for quick and effective results for his clients. 

As your coach, it is his passion to help you reach your goals and achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible.  SET A GOAL AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Jeremy & his wife


  • Co-Author of Jeremy Woodward's Story Of Heart Failure To Victory.  

  • Survivor of severe congestive heart failure and two major open heart surgeries.

  • 6th Degree Black Belt 

  • Completed 9500+ Personal Training Appointments

  • Coached over 5500 Classes

  • Trained Professional Athletes 

  • Coached clients that have achieved 100 lbs or more in weight loss

  • Competed in over 250+ races that include the IRONMAN Triathlon and 6 straight Boston Marathons 

  • Appeared in over 100 Media Articles including Sports Illustrated online, Flatline to Finish Line documentary, CNN, Taekwondo Times, and many more 

  • TEDx Speaker

  • Selected as a Winner for Comeback Recipient for PELOTON 

  • Have raised over $300,000 for various charities 

  • 2017 Men's Health Magazine Ultimate Guy Quarter Finalist 

  • 2010 MEDTRONIC Global Hero 1 of 25 in the World Recognized that year

And the Journey is just getting started!



I met Jeremy approximately 2 years ago and he has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness. He recently spoke to a group of my associates and his story was very inspiring. He related well to the group and that we all have a journey and why not live to be the best you can be. I believe that he has overcome some major obstacles in life and shown that anyone is capable of pushing through the adversities at some point in their lives. 


My biggest take about Jeremy has been his ability to inspire others to live life to the fittest. His story and his message should inspire everyone that we all have greatness in ourselves and just need to find it. If you only get 30 minutes to listen, meet, or talk to Jeremy it will not be time wasted.

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